►Forever Aria

Autor: Oo_Orange_oO

Idioma: English

Genero: Humor, Accion, Fantasia

Sinopsis: There were twelve gods and goddesses, who were split into two sides. The pure and the tainted. The assassination of Illusime, a god of the tainted side, sparked the beginning of the Divine War.

The only way to eliminate gods is to push them over to the mortals' world, where they disintegrate to pieces and disappear. Or at least, it was assumed that they disappeared into nothingness.

After crossing over the to the mortals' world, the gods powers and very soul was contained within twelve beautiful jewels. Bearers of the jewels would be able to use the gods' powers to a certain extent.

Three hundred years later, the mortals world is infested with demons and monsters due to the absence of any gods and goddesses. Including power-hungry psychos. The only way to eliminate them is: to find all twelve jewels and their bearers and return to the divine world.

Estilo de Lectura: Occidental (de Izquierda a Derecha)

Contacto: Prince-Orange@live.co.kr


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